The skywalk Red Bull X-Alps-Equipment

The detail-obsessed designs of our paragliders, harnesses and accessories for the Red Bull X-Alps are first choice for hike & fly athletes and XC pilots who want to push the limit in competitions, relying on exceptionally lightweight equipment.


The Paraglider


The paraglider is the most important means of transportation in the Red Bull X-Alps. In good flying weather, the athletes complete more than 70% of the distance in the air and often have to solve tricky challenges. A flying day at the Red Bull X-Alps is not comparable to a “normal” flying day …

An X-Alps glider must offer as much performance as possible so the pilot can make rapid progress on the 1000+ kilometer long route from Salzburg to the Mediterranean. Because the flight conditions are often very demanding and air time is the only way for pilots to regenerate physically besides the short nights, the glider has to be easy to fly. In addition, the ideal X-Alps glider must be lightweight and take up little space in the rucksack so that athletes are burdened as little as possible during long hikes.

Four requirements that our ultra-lightweight high-performance X-ALPS4 meets with flying colors!

Weight: 3500 g


The Harness


Red Bull X-Alps athletes spend up to ten hours a day under their gliders, so the harness must provide maximum comfort. At well under two kilos, the RANGE X-ALPS2 with its many innovation details is the pioneer in lightweight harness design. Its aerodynamic design with minimal air resistance ensures maximum performance. Since 2017, the use of a protector in the Red Bull X-Alps is mandatory. Our unique PERMAIR protector protects the pilot from injury should a landing on difficult terrain go south.

Weight: 1250 g


The Rucksack

If the weather turns sour, X-Alps athletes hike as much as 5000 vertical meters and 80 kilometers distance per day. Things gets really nasty for them when a long period of bad weather makes it impossible to get air time. Our rucksack, developed with Paul Guschlbauer and in cooperation with our partner SALEWA, fits closely and comfortably to the back, allowing you to tear up mountains at the speed of an alpine runner. In addition, the HIKE X-ALPS is waterproof and robust.

Weight: 380 g

skywalks Red Bull X-Alps Collection

X-Alps “up close”


Just before the start of the ninth Red Bull X-Alps, skywalk is launching a small but fine sportswear collection. Developed together with outdoor specialist SALEWA, the sportswear line is standard equipment for all teams to wear in their preparation and during the race. These items are also an absolute must for any true fan of the Red Bull X-Alps. The skywalk Red Bull X-Alps collection is now available from many skywalk dealers and SALEWA mountaineering outlets.