skywalk and Red Bull X-Alps

A Partnership for the Great Adventure

At skywalk we are a team full of enthusiasm for innovative technologies, for wind and for all kinds of sports in nature. We are also fascinated by adventures that take us into the element of air. Fly through the remotest mountains in the world with nothing but a piece of cloth over you? No other sport in the world offers such incredible impressions!

That’s why we’ve been involved with the Red Bull X-Alps since 2005. The race inspires us to rediscover the roots of our sport time after time and to persist in pursuing our vision for innovative lightweight products. Since 2015, we have been the main sponsor of the Red Bull X-Alps. The race has long since become our test laboratory for the development of new lightweight paragliders, harnesses and equipment.

In 2019, we will start the race with six highly motivated teams and the most powerful products of our now 14-year history of Red Bull X-Alps. The ultralight high-performance X-ALPS4, certified in three sizes, offers an unprecedented combination of performance and intuitive operation. The exclusive 2019 athlete’s version of our ultralight RANGE X-ALPS2 is once again a few hundred grams lighter than the production version.

We wish all athletes and their supporters an exciting adventure full of impressive experiences!