Please welcome

our official Red Bull X-Alps 2015 Athletes!

Stephan Gruber

Nationality: Austria
Date of birth: 28. December 1985
Profession: Electrician
Supporter: Florian Ederer

Stephan Gruber was born and raised in Austria’s Ziller Valley where he has been at home on the Alps’ steepest 3000-meter peaks since his childhood. Stephan is considered one of the world’s best paraglider pilots. He is a member of the Austrian nation team and, thanks to his fast flying style, has already won several World Cup races.  This year Stephan began working for us as a test pilot.  His valuable input and his precise judgment have directly influenced the development of the sport class racer CAYENNE5 and our lightweight comp wing X ALPS 2. The 29-year-old electronics specialist will be supported in his first Red Bull X-Alps by his friend and pilot Florian Eder, also from the Ziller Valley.

Paul Guschlbauer

Nationality: Austria
Date of birth: 25. December 1983
Profession: paragliding pilot
Supporter: Werner Strittl

Paul Guschlbauer is the “Posterboy” of this year’s Red Bull X-Alps.  After two successful previous runs, the 31-year-old Austrian has high hopes for his third race.  Paul plans to take advantage of his experience with the radically different conditions of the last two X-Alps:  in 2011 the weather was changeable; in 2013 flying conditions were perfect nearly every day.  But he will also profit from his excellent physical fitness that he has built up since his childhood in mountain bike races, adventures and expeditions around the world.  Together with his new supporter, the mountain guide Werner Strittl, Paul’s team is one of the physically fittest in this year’s race!

Ivan Colas

Nationality: Spain
Date of birth: 05. July 1979
Profession: Civil servant
Supporter: Inigo Arizaga

Our man from Spain is a true sportsman:  Iván Colas plays tough but fair and whatever he starts, he finishes.  These are just the right requirements for the Red Bull X-Alps!  Iván has been paragliding since 2000 and has won numerous titles.  After winning the Spanish championship in 2007, he won it again in 2014.  In 2012 he placed second with the Spanish team in the European championship.  He gained valuable experience for his first-time participation in the Red Bull X-Alps during the 2012 X-Pyrenees in which he placed second.  Like our other athletes, Iván will be flying our lightweight X ALPS2 glider.

We have put together some videos from our athlets during the Red Bull X-Alps 2015 for you! Enjoy watching them!