The Glider for champions
Aspect ratio 7, 80 cells, 3 line levels – we’re competing in the Red Bull X-Alps with a comp wing. After countless tests with various concepts, we decided on a tapered wing with a complex internal structure. The X-ALPS2 is perfectly tailored to the requirements of this race. It offers our athletes the optimal combination of high performance, stress-free flying and low weight. At just 3.7 kilos, the X-ALPS2 is slightly heavier than its extremely lightweight predecessor, but performance and handling have reached new levels.


Extreme race, extreme harness

The RANGE X-Alps has been perfectly adapted to the requirements of Hike&Fly competitions – super-quick entry, uncomplicated handling and custom storage space for poles, clothes and electronics, and an aerodynamic shape are just a few features of its clever design.  skywalk-harness-guru Peter Müller, who also designed the innovative RANGE-AIR, was able to work wonders:  despite its extremely low weight of just one kilo, a clever stiffening concept allows for ideal weight distribution and a high degree of seating comfort.  With the option foam protector the harness also achieves the required damping values without active airflow, raising the weight to just over 1.0 kg.

X-Alps Kollektion

lightweight and stylish
For the Red Bull-X-Alps 2015, we worked with SALEWA to create a joint collection of especially lightweight, breathable, wind- and weatherproof sportswear.  The spirit of Hike&Fly is the focus of the sportswear line, which will be worn by the athletes during the race.  The jackets, trousers and accessories of the Red Bull X-Alps Collection are not only breathable and warm – they also look great!  Functional materials and designs optimized for flying ensure that pilots don’t sweat too much on their way to launch, that they’re not too hot or too cold while flying, and that they are appropriately dressed for aprés hike & fly. The Collection is now available at all skywalk dealers and in our webshop.