The Red Bull X-Alps in a nutshell...

The Red Bull X-Alps is the toughest adventure race in the world. Ever since 2003 the biannual event has fascinated adventurers and fans and made headlines in the general public. What makes it interesting is its simple concept: the athletes must travel 1000 kilometers from Salzburg to Monaco by paraglider or on foot. Each team consists of an athlete and a supporter whose role is to provide the athlete with logistical, strategic and psychological support, as well as the necessary nourishment. The Red Bull X-Alps is an extreme challenge that demands a high level of flying skills and athletic endurance. Some athletes will hike over 100 kilometers per day and will have covered nearly 1000 kilometers on the ground by the end of the race!

More information:

Red Bull X-Alps Website

Where and when?

The starter’s gun goes off on July 5, 2015 at 11:30 am at Mozart Square (Mozartplatz) in Salzburg, Austria. From there, the athletes hike up the Gaisberg mountain to the first turnpoint.

Red Bull X-Alps Route

The race traditionally goes from Salzburg to Monaco. This year the athletes will mark turnpoints in six countries. The shortest distance is 1,038 kilometers, but many athletes will travel twice that far during the race.